Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, but it’s technically begun as of yesterday, so what better way to usher in the climate change than with a lineup filled with folk sensibilities that dredge up ideals of late nights spent on a warm summer porch? Tonight’s Northside tavern show will be an intimate evening of music created by The Mitchells, Shiny and the Spoon, and The Ridges.

The Mitchells have been one of my favorite acts since I first found them at last year’s Bunbury Festival. The band has been diligently working on their first full-length album, which I can note is going to be one of your favorites for the year, if you too are a fan of musicians with sincere attention to musicianship and orchestral sensibilities. It’s odd to think of orchestral sensibilities in a band format, but The Mitchells do just that. Each use of guitar, drums, or vocals are done in a way that proves such maturity and attention to the most minute details, that you can’t help but get lost in their sound and wonder how each time you are lucky enough to hear them again, they have grown to something even more fine-tuned than when last you met. Take a listen to “Denmark,” which will be on their forthcoming self-titled album:

Folk pop act Shiny and the Spoon create an intimate sound that is filled with warmth and light, and perfectly compliments the sentiments that the other two bands on this bill evoke. Their first full-length album was produced by Afghan Whigs’ John Curley and is filled with such dynamic beauty, I’m left wondering how this band is still unsigned. They are yet another of the great acts from Cincinnati, but I think that this is the year we’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more from them. Check out “Bread and Butter” off their album, Ferris Wheel:

The Ridges are an orchestral folk rockers from Athens, Ohio.  The core of the band is focused on the collaboration of Victor Rasgaitis and Talor Smith and an ever-rotating cast of other musicians who help create the intensely personal compositions that have gained this band its success. They recently performed at this year’s SXSW festival. Have a listen to “When the Bell Tolls,” from a session they did with Audiotree:

What you heard should be enough of a reason to make it out to this show, but if you need one more thing to entice you, know this: the show is free. And so, you’ve no excuse to miss it, if you are within driving distance. Since the show is free, please consider purchasing some merch from any (or all) of these three bands. I’ll see you there.