Going out on the equivalent of a walk-off home run, the Auxiliary Art Center will host a killer lineup for its final show on November 13th. This six-band rager comes on the heels of another excellent bill last month, and brings to close 5 years of classes, performances, and exhibitions at the Avondale space. Opening in 2010 as a children’s arts and music school, The Aux has spent the last few years as one of the most exciting underground venues in the city. At the farewell show fans the opportunity to snag a little legacy on tape with the release of Aux Mixtape Vol. 1, a compilation of tunes from acts they’ve hosted over the years.

While the tracklist for the tape is being teased out leading up to Friday’s show, nearly all that night’s bands already confirmed. Check ’em out:

Released back in August, “Single Summer” is a perfect entry point for those not familiar with Bleach Party’s blend of muscular, surf-infused garage rock. Their sound is a touch less fuzzy than a lot of their contemporaries, and that clarity goes a long way in highlighting how much fun the band seems to be having. Safe bet that translates into an awesome live set.

Speaking of safe bet’s for good live sets, MAMA being on this bill pretty much guarantees a party. “Night Shoot” is the eponymous song on their recent double 7″, which was the followup to a tape that Midwest Action loved so much we released it. These guys are pure rock, and if you haven’t seen ’em, this is the perfect time to change that.

The perfect choice for track one, Soddy Daisy’s “Better Run” is maybe the best song on their recent Trashtopia (which is saying a lot). It’s got a touch of everything needed to feel truly epic: swirling guitars, soaring vocals, and effervescent percussion. By song’s end you’re ready to join Soddy Daisy on their journey through Trashtopia, no matter how bad the hangover will be on the other side. This might be foreshadowing, but you do your weekend how you do.

Bacchanalian buttheads Rat Hammer add some whiskey-soaked punk to the mix in the form of “Drip,” from their debut record Baby Carrots. Johnny Wilson’s tormented vocals are the perfect fit for a band that seems to be working their issues out through their instruments, and hearing  Ian Tormey bash through “Drip” live might be reason enough to make this show.

Rounding out Friday’s lineup are The Baby Magic, whose quirky raunch and catchy hooks make for a whole lotta fun. The band’s ability to shift between playful and sinister, between a grizzly charge and new wave bop, is showcased throughout their 2014 release Rent a Place in Hell, which you should be listening to until you pick up this tape.

There’s buzz about a surprise performance at this final show, in case you needed any more reason to go. Aux partners Powell Brew House will be on-hand with complimentary beverages, and as always, everyone who donates full price gets a ticket for a free Hamm’s across the street at Reed’s Local.

It all goes down on Friday, November 13th at the Auxiliary Art Center (7 PM, $7, 21+). Preview the rest of  Aux Mix Tape Vol.1 here.