Julie Meckler is everything right about folk pop rock today. A message behind soulful guitar and a steady beat that puts your mind at ease. With her latest album Queenshead, which we covered back in September, she has had some amazing tracks that are deserving of a video feature. Yet it’s the slow swaying “Soul Love” that is her first choice for a video release, and I couldn’t be happier about that decision.

“Soul Love” is a nice pop song that puts Julie’s voice in the forefront and the instrumentation quietly supports her. Originally a David Bowie song, it was rearranged as a bossa nova by Meckler and her band. It is a great blend of a steady beat and excellent lyrics. To make it even better, toss on an amazing music video with some very iconic cartoons, political imagery, and social commentary.

The video was conceived and created by Julie with camera work and editing by Mechanism 9.

Julie Meckler will be celebrating the release the video with a party at The Charleston, 2076 N. Hoyne, TONIGHT! She will perform a full set with her band, project the video and she and husband James Davis will spin individual DJ sets. The whole thing kicks off at 8pm. You’ll definitely want to be there.

If you’d like to hear more from Julie Meckler you can check out her Bandcamp for her latest release Queenshead as well as her other tunes. Be sure to subscribe to her social media pages where you can all the updates on her latest releases and upcoming shows.

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