It’s not often that you can use “Beatle-esque” and “Electronic” in the same sentence but with Sun Stereo that seems the best (and only way) to describe them. With a unique sound that separates them from the crowd and a steadily growing following, they’re a band that you’ll want/need to keep tabs on as they progress.

While it seems that the 3-4 piece punk/rock band is becoming a popular formula once again, Sun Stereo went with 7 people. Fronted by Kelly McMorris, this Urbana band has begun to make their way up to the Windy city to showcase their skills. Flanked by a diverse group of woodwinds, brass, and electronics, this band has a sound that I really cannot place beyond “unique”. It catches you off guard and sucks you in for a one of a kind ride.

Sun Stereo 2

Their latest track “Give It All Away” that came out in March of this year is a prime example of what this band has to offer. With eerie tones and crazy vocals you just have to listen to understand what I’m talking about.

In preparations for the new album that will be dropping this fall, Sun Stereo is making their way from venue to venue showcasing their uncommon blend of electronic rock. They will also be playing the North Coast Music Festival this year, but trust me you won’t want to wait till August to see this band.

If you want to get an early glimpse at the band you can hit the Tonic Room this Friday. Chachuba and Afternoon Moon will be kicking off the show at 8:30pm and doors are flying open at 8pm. It’s going to run you $10 you can always bet there’s a solid drink special going on (it is the Tonic Room after all…).

Be sure to check Sun Stereo out on their social media pages and you can have a listen to their first full length album Rouge Satellite on their bandcamp page.

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