Eye Vybe Records have been producing quality cassettes and 7″ vinyl releases for sometime now (from the living room of a Logan Square bungalow I might add). With a roster that includes some of Chicago’s best acts (Today’s Hits, Absolutely Not, Post-Child, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate & many more) it’s no wonder the label has become a hit among cassette lovers and music lovers alike.

With their 25th release in the works, the local label is ready to join the ever expanding list of music festivals.


In comes the first annual Good Vybes Fest at The Empty Bottle. This weekend the folks at Eye Vybe have organized a 2-day festival at one of our favorite Chicago music venues. Here’s what you’re in for:

 Friday March 21st | 9:00pm

The festival kicks off with Nashville garage rockers Useless Eaters, local psych pop favorites Outer Minds, the trashy psych punk stylings of Rabble Rabble and catchy bubblegum pop-stars Today’s Hits!

Rabble Rabble get better every time we see them. With a new record in the works, their live set has a ton of new songs and more energy than ever. Check out their 2013 classic “Cole’s Bathroom” if you’re still somehow unfamiliar with these dudes.

James Swanberg’s started Today’s Hits with the intention of writing and recording a new song every day. He’s done a pretty damn good job of that keeping that promise 3 years later, releasing song after song via bandcamp, Tumblr, Facebook and anywhere else he saw fit. He’s added some friends to the band’s lineup, and their live show is as fun and full of bouncy pop tunes as ever.

Saturday March 22nd | 9:00pm

The second night of this fest should prove to be one of the best shows in town this Saturday night. Featuring Lansing, MI’s The People’s Temple (you may recall our review of their latest LP), the psych-rockin’ boogie soul of The Velcro Lewis Group, the garage punk antics of The Sueves, the psychedelic mania of Twinkwind, and the krautrock rhythms of Asheville NC’s Nest Egg.

With a fantastic new LP out, The Velcro Lewis Group have perfected their brand of R&B infused psychedelic jams. It’s some of the funkiest stuff you’ll hear this weekend, and possibly ever. If “Bernadette” doesn’t get you moving then there’s something wrong.

Another exciting addition to the evening’s festivities are the jagged guitar work of North Carolina’s Nest Egg. Their compositions are part kraut rock, part psych rock, and full of guitar drones, echoing vocals, and fast paced drum and bass lines. It’s like CAN meets surf rock at times. Check out their contribution to the official Good Vybes fest sampler below.

With almost 10 bands sharing the Empty Bottle’s stage over the course of these two nights, this is not to be missed. The best part is this fantastic weekend festival will only run you $20 for a two-day pass! That’s about 1/10th the price of a Lollapalooza ticket and you won’t have to fight crowds of shirtless dudes for a descent spot near the stage.

Follow the links below to find out more and grab your ticket and hear the rest of the official bandcamp sampler!

Good Vybes Fest Tickets | Sampler
Eye Vybe Records Store | Facebook