Well, it hardly seems possible, but somehow it’s already Halloween. Whether you’re planning to spend the night out partying or locked in your room eating all the candy that was meant for those lousy trick-or-treaters, we’re not judging. Since we only have a few precious days left until the world is flooded with holiday insanity, it’s time to take a second and revel in the spookiest day of the year.

On the heels of Common Shriner’s recently released ode to horror movie icons, Chicago pop-rockers One Wing Low premiered their latest video, “Slumber Party Massacre”, just in time for All Hallows Eve.

The cinematic video directed by Lena Rush and shot by Lenny Gilmore recalls the best of campy horror films while showcasing One Wing Low’s vibrant storytelling and playfully nostalgic tones. Let this video kick off your night and remember: don’t split up, don’t shower alone in the dark at any condemned buildings, and don’t ever go in the basement.

Happy Halloween!

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