Ten years and six albums later, The Locals are still kicking ass and taking names all across the Midwest and even “across the pond” in the UK. Their pop rock tunes are an intoxicating blend of female lead vocals and rhythmic pop rock guitar. With a new album, a new drummer, and new show coming up, we can’t help but get excited to see what they’re going to do next.

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It’s been a long time since Yvonne Doll came out with her solo album in 1996 entitled Bliss and the sound of her music has only gotten better with age.  Doll is accompanied by Christy Nunes on the bass (and has been rocking with her since ’96 right after Bliss) and Tommy Oerding, the newest member, on percussion. With these two by her side, The Locals continue to make music just as good as they ever have. While this trio has made the Midwest their home and their touring ground for quite some time, that does not mean they have been overlooked by the international community. Yvonne has recently been featured in Guitar World as one of the “Ten Female Guitarists You Should Know”.

Yvonne Doll

Their latest album Stereostatic Funicular continues the bands journey on the indie rock charts and is an impressive addition to their already impressive discography. Tracks like “Running Toward the Sound” have a classic sound that is expected from a band like this but it’s tracks like “Inventio” that sneak up and surprise you. Each song brings a unique and fun element to the album and is an easy listen. Per usual, I steamed this album on their bandcamp page while writing and it was over before I knew it (so I streamed it 4 more times). Here’s one of my favorite tracks from Stereostatic Funicular:

The Locals are just an easy band to get into. While some indie-rock can take a few listens to start to like, The Locals just click right away. They will be headlining a show this Friday at Schubas and I am telling you the tickets are going to go fast. You can pre-order tickets like I did here or attempt to get them at the door. The damage is going to be $15 but HEY! it’s for charity! Alright you want to save $5? Then bring something to donate at the show.

The show is called Warm, Safe & Sound and is an opportunity for local bands and their fans to do something positive for less fortunate people. If you donate coats or sweaters at the door, then it will only cost you $10 to rock. You’re also going to be able to see other local Chicago acts like The Bright White, Ace Reporter, Hard Kiss, and Young Distractions. That is one of the best deals of the season so be merry you Grinches and donate. Be sure to check out The Locals online at their social media channels and bandcamp.

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Until then, enjoy The Locals’ newest music video for “Running Toward The Sound” and the stream of the album Stereostatic Funicular after the jump.

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