It’s a well-known fact that we at MWA love Notes + Bolts. Between the amazing live shows they host, an incredible podcast documenting the Chicago music scene, and their catalog of cassette and vinyl releases, we’ve been hooked on them for years now.

That’s why we’re extremely excited to bring you another MWA/N+B collaboration this week at The Empty Bottle. The weather is getting warmer and warmer so get out and enjoy some fine local music this Tuesday.

Getting the evening started is Jolly Korea, a 5 piece rock group. They are fronted by Eugene Kalsted, dual guitar work supplied by Peter Nafziger and Kevin Kalal, Roger Connelly on bass guitar, and Matt Nafziger behind the drum kit.

Following them is the happy death metal stylings of The Fuzzy Bunnies of Death. Imagine death metal if it had been around in the days of the Dada art movement. Their live show is a work of art in itself; Including Costumes, stuffed animals, makeup, and a whole lot of death metal growls (happy ones of course). It’s a spectacle that must be seen to be believed, get to this one early.

Making their debut at a Notes & Bolts showcase is North by North. Their debut full-length double LP, Something Wicked, is a brilliant piece of power pop that is full of infectious guitar hooks. Singer/Guitarist Nate Girard channels the best elements of bands like The White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age while Keyboardist Kendra Blank provides the low end in lieu of a bass player. Lucky for us their live show is just as great as their album.

Headlining this diverse showcase is Swimsuit Addition. With a bunch of danceable singles under their belt and a full length LP in the works via Notes + Bolts, the band does guitar rock better than most and provide some brilliant vocal harmonies to boot. Their guitar work is just as impressive as their vocal chords, interweaving melodic riffs effortlessly. It’s like they took over right where  late ’90s Sleater-Kinney left off. Easily one of Chicago’s best acts, you’ve got no reason not to check these ladies out tomorrow night.

The party starts at the usual time, Doors @ 8:30pm & Show @ 9:00pm. Tickets will only run you $5 at the door or via TicketWeb if Will Call is your thing.  Get there early, have a few beers, and get ready for a damn good rock show. Spring is around the corner, time to stop hibernating.

Swimsuit Addition | North by North | The Fuzzy Bunnies of Death | Jolly Korea