It’s been called “a scuzzy, bruising sound that’s surprisingly easy to digest for all its attitude” and that is the perfect phrasing for what Sam Crossland & The Side Effects are all about. With an old school punk rock sound mixed with piano and organ, it’s REALLY hard to place your finger on exactly what is going on with this band.

The one thing I do know for sure is that the easiest way to describe this music is “fun”. Driving, grungy, vocals with shredding guitar in the background, this is band that will make you want to throw something…in the best way possible. Sam Crossland is no stranger to the high-energy music scene. As the insane piano player for The Fox and The Hounds, he was only 19 when he showed the Chicago music scene just how dynamic he could be at a show. He’d be jumping all around the stage, losing his clothes, and getting the audience moving.

Sam 2

Photo by Nicole Jones Jameson

 He continues this tradition as he cranks out new music. However, as he matures in age, so does his music. From the debut record Tazmanian in April of ’13 to Black Sheep Heart there has been shift in content. From bartenders and rock stars, to insecurities and the dirty side of Cihcago – this band continues to kill it.

“Taken What I’ve Wanted” is a bit slower but easily one of my favorite tracks off this latest album. Check out this melodic, gritty, and surprisingly soulful tune:

If you’re grooving on what Sam Crossland & The Side Effects are throwing out there, then you definitely need to see them at their Empty Bottle debut next Tuesday 6/24 as they play alongside Evasive Backflip and Zookeeper. Be warned: this is going to be an insane show (which really is a good thing). If you’re ready for an awesome, high-energy evening, make your way out to 1035 N Western Ave at 9pm.

You can also check out Sam Crossland & The Side Effects via Bandcamp as well as their other social media channels for all the updates on what these rockers are up to.

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