Chicago’s Royale offer up something for everybody. The self-proclaimed “Sci-Fi Yacht Metal” band is made up of brothers Joel and Nate Bauman, Joel on guitar/vocals, Nate on drums, and bassist Marc Najjar.

All talented musicians in their own right, when the three of them come together as Royale it becomes something incredible. The band’s self-titled EP combines their love of ’70s rock riffs and spacey atmospheric songs into a final product that sounds as modern as it does classic.

The EP is available to download via Bandcamp via the ever popular “Name Your Price” option, or if you’re still attached to physical media (I know I am), a CD copy will run you $5.

Watch this far out video for the song “1981” and tell me you’re not a fan of Sci-Fi Yacht Metal.

Royale will be joined by Hand Practices and Kinda Good at The Empty Bottle on Tuesday, January 14th, and it’ll only cost you $5.

Doors open at 8pm; show at 8:30pm; 21+.

Royale Official | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter