In 2008, Minneapolis singer-songwriter Quinn Tsan moved to Chicago to sing alongside folk musician Joe Pug. In the six years since, Tsan has lent her vocal talents to a number of musicians, but it wasn’t until just last year that she began playing guitar and writing songs for herself.

Set for release this summer, Tsan is currently working on her debut EP, Good Winter and if the recently released single, “Love of a Painter”, is an indication of what we can expect from the EP, I am eagerly awaiting the release. The song’s delicate use of acoustic instrumentation works perfectly to shine a spotlight on the strength of Tsan’s vocals and the beautiful harmonies throughout the track.

Tsan will be headlining the Hideout in Chicago tomorrow night, 6/12. The show will open with sets from local trio, Female Basic, New York folk musician, Johnny Lewis, and Minneapolis/Chicago rock trio, JONES. Live music kicks off at 9:00 PM at 1354 W Wabansia and tickets can be picked up at the door or online in advance of the show for just $8.

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