You may remember Myles Coyne (or Mouse Corn as he’s colloquially known) from our review of Take Things As They Come, his band’s latest LP released last year. Well the ever industrious Milwaukee-an is back on tour with friend and fellow musician Daniel E. Mitchell. They’re set to hit the southwest suburbs of Chicago tomorrow night before heading to Iowa and then back home to Wisconsin, bringing this mini-tour to a close.

Myles and Daniel will be featured performers at The White Horse Inn‘s weekly Thursday night Open Mic. Midwest Action is happy to have Myles back in our neck of the woods. We love him with his Rusty Nickel Band but we can’t wait to hear him strum through songs like “The Windy City” solo on Thursday night.

CD and vinyl copies of this fantastic LP will be available tomorrow night so pick one up while you can. If you’re lucky, Myles may even write a personal message in yours (he wrote a novel in mine.)

Joining Myles on this mini Midwestern tour is fellow Milwaukee folk singer Daniel E. Mitchell. Daniel’s songs come off as soft and gentle folk tunes until his incredible voice begins to soar over his quiet strumming.  Check out his live recordings on bandcamp and pick them up for only $3.

The setting for this open mic night is one that is close to my heart. New Lenox’s White Horse Inn has always been a hotbed of local talent in the south suburbs of Chicago.

It’s a place where you can jump up on stage and perform your own material without any fear or intimidation, just good vibes and cheap beer. I’ve played there often myself and am excited to have Myles and Daniel join this community of talented musicians for a very special evening!

Festivities start at 9pm tomorrow at The White Horse Inn (348 W Maple St, New Lenox, Illinois). It’s free to get in, the PBR’s are only $1 and Domestic Buckets are $10. Cheap beer, good folks, and great music, what else could you want on a Thursday night?

Come out and support some touring musicians! Buy some merch or just donate a few bucks to help them get to the next town.

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