Sweater up my babies! Tis the season for warmth and welcome – And what better way to enjoy that season than to LISTEN TO ME AND DO EXACTLY AS I SAY.

Line up in a single file line and buy some tickets (and attend) the concert-ee-ola at the Beat Kitchen on this Friday, November 14th.

Starting the night out – one of our local favorites: GRANDKIDS. A soothing blend of pop melodies, indie sensibility, and a touch of soul – Like a musical chicken soup to warm you from the earholes on down. If you don’t find your self swaying to these tunes (dare I say it – even dancing) – listen to this, and thank me later:

After that is a lovely band from north of here – ROYAL CANOE – (no doubt named after Canadian Naval forces.) Catchy as the common cold – and they’ll have you coughing in time to the infectious rhythms and diverse soundscape. This six piece from Winnipeg has a fantastic approach at creating layers – that it goes from simple hand percussions and a basic vocal melody to full on indie orchestral bliss back down funky funk related funkiness with almost no seams. Here is a video for you. I think you’ll like it – and if you don’t, you may have a robot heart:

AM I RIGHT?!?!? Soooo Yeah. Go There. Buy their things. They’re the perfect solution to any cool weather blues you may be having. (homophones)

Royal Canoe Official | Facebook | Music
Grandkids Official | Facebook | Bandcamp