“Awe man! its Wednesday, and I’ve become square and given my life over to the work force. I wish there was a way that I could pursue a vivacious life tonight!”

“I wish there was a running of the bulls that I could take part of that wouldn’t leave me horribly gored and covered in bull spit.”

“I’m looking to propose to Becky ,but I can’t think of the right place to do it!”

We’ve heard your cries! And Midwest Action is here to solve all of your problems! We at Midwest Action have scrambled together an evening of raucous haberdashery fit for all.

Something for everybody – my lovelies – something for just about everyone.

This Wednesday, September 24th, we have taken over the Beat Kitchen and injected it with some real characters:

Introducing Club Malos, a newer act on the streets of Chicago – thumping drums lifting a twangy guitar chorus and bringing home heated lyrics that would find a home in the swarthiest of taverns. Have that wet your appetite and set you to the strange, slightly experimental, math rocky-poppy soup that is Evasive Backflip. A three-piece carnival of tight drum beats and bouncing, quirky rhythms set to you off to somewhere else; but, you know, some place neat and possibly Nintendo-themed. To bring us back to Earth, we have the oh-so-catchy and rocky feel of The Holy Alimonies. Their bitey storytelling and driving rhythm guitar is woven together with bright riffs and solid bass lines.

“How could you give us more, you’ve given us so much already?!” you scream.

Well, we’re all over-philanthropic, over-generous people-pleasers here at Midwest Action – so we have one more present for you. The one, the only: Jolly Korea. A downright onslaught of pounding drums and growling guitars with somewhat off-kilter riffs that will take your toes from tapping to stomping.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is: “You’re a damned fool to miss this one.”

So, pull up the couch cushions, grab $8 and a form of identification, and get your fancy buns over to Beat Kitchen. Doors at 8PM, music at 8:30PM, good times all night long. Pick up tickets here, or RSVP on Facebook. See you tomorrow!

Silas & The Midwest Action Crew

Evasive Backflip | The Holy Alimonies | Jolly Korea