Folk. Pop. Sultry. Strong lyricist. Impressive. Evolving. These are only a few words to describe the Minneapolis sensation Caroline Smith. With a new sense of pride and new stylization Caroline is taking her folk roots and tossing some 90s R&B/Pop into her music. Whether its tunes from her early albums or some from her latest album, Half About Being a Woman, she creates music that you’ll find yourself singing later.

Caroline is the perfect definition of a mastered artist in the fact that her albums are starkly different from each other but each stand on their own merits. With her latest album, she tosses her folk acoustic to the side to go with a pop stylization. And while some may wonder why an accomplished artist would transition dramatically as she did she’s been said to be “…consistently pushing herself to new heights”. This transitional personality  was featured in the PBS documentary on My Way Back Home  where audiences were able to grasp just what she was all about.

Caroline Smith 1

Personally I love all her music from start to finish but this latest album is something unique. With some extremely soulful tracks like “Walking off Strong” to the pop fun of “Magazine”, Caroline brings a powerful message of strong women and being yourself. If you’re looking for some of her slow folk, you might be in the wrong place. But if you’re ready for an amazing pop song with a great message there here’s her latest video for “Magazine”.

Caroline has been touring since the end of January with practically no pause. If she wasn’t traveling, she was performing (some cities she did 2 shows a night). She’s wrapping up now with just a few shows to go in the Midwest so this is your last chance to catch her for a bit. She’ll be bringing all her styles to Schubas on Friday April 11th. Opening up for her will be Phillip Morris & Sean Anonymous. The show will cost you $10 and you can pre-order those tickets right HERE.

Digging her transition to the pop world? (I know I am big time) You can buy a copy of the album on her official website and it’s available for stream on Spotify. For her older beauties you can head to her bandcamp page. Be sure to subscribe to her social media pages for all updates Caroline Smith has to offer.

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