There are certain roots that cannot be denied when we speak of the Midwest. Yes we have great cities like Milwaukee and Chicago each with a unique music scene. But there is history long before that. A time of barn gatherings and folk/country music that would ring on into the night. This long standing tradition is carried on by the Barn Dance Apocalypse that has now entered into it’s 10th year of existence. It’s strictly a party. A party like you have never seen before and might never see again.

Hosted by the local sensation The Golden Horse Ranch Band and their caller Annie Coleman, you’re guaranteed a show like none other. While the band is a regular at street fairs, weddings, and more, this is their annual show to host a good old fashion barn party (even if the party isn’t in an actual barn). The Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band was formed in 2002. The band plays a raucous set of square dances, polkas, waltzes, contra, and swing dances in the tradition of old time barn dances. But they didn’t take their name from anything random, they are named after The Golden Horse Ranch in Wisconsin. It’s history dates back hundreds of years and this band helps keep its memory alive.

The annual event has grown into huge crowds at unique and undisclosed locations around Chicago. After taking a tour of the unfinished Thalia Hall in 2013, The Golden Horse Ranch Band knew this old dance hall would be the perfect location for the 10th annual Barn Dance Apocalypse. When you come out to the show you can guarantee that Annie will lead the party and call it just as her grandparents once did.  It’s loud, wild, and loaded with love.

Seeing as this is the band’s first ever public Barn Dance you’ll want to get in on tickets NOW! In the past, the underground spaces have filled to the brim quickly, and a big crowd is expected for this exciting event at Thalia Hall, 1807 S. Allport in Chicago, on Saturday, Nov. 8 at 8PM CST.

If you can’t make it but want to listen to more of The Golden Horse Ranch Band you can grab a copy of Spend the Night with the Golden Horse Ranch Band (their debut album) from their website.

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