There’s a lot to be said for a band that can create the perfect amount of “chill” in rock and roll. It puts you at ease and relaxes you. It can make a bad day turn awesome, and overall just puts the listener in a good mood.

There are a lot of bands that take a stab at the driving chords of classic rock and roll, but Teen Daad does it better than most. After our show preview on these gentlemen a little while back, I decided to take a listen to their new EP, Worth It, to get a better idea of what they had to offer.

Teen Daad EP

Worth It lives up to its name from the start with the track “Safe”. It introduces the unique guitar sound and echoing, reverberating vocals that make this EP stand out. Composed of Jeff Roalson on guitar and vocals, Noel Nissen on drums, and  Zach Ziemer on bass, this three-man rock band create unique tunes that will easily stick in your head.

As the EP continues, we arrive at what is easily my favorite song, “Boy Voices”. This track is a hilarious story of secret love and the heartbreak it brings. “Boy Voices” might spark up some bittersweet memories for those with past heartaches of their own.

The classic rock vibe continues with the next track “Middle Sister”, which is a close second for my favorite track on the EP. It is yet another cry for broken love (I’m sensing a theme here…) but it continues into mind-melting rock strumming that allows for equally mind-melting lyrics, that are bound to get stuck in your head.

The EP wraps up with the thrashing rock sound of “Have a Bite”, and it all seems over too soon. While their step into harder, thrash-esque rock is not exactly my cup of tea, it offers a unique contrast to the other three tracks and shows the band’s diversity. This short sample of Teen Daad is a powerful statement of what they have to offer. I look forward to hearing more from this up-and-coming threesome.

If you like what this Iowa-born trio has to offer, then be sure to check out their social media pages for updates on shows and new releases. Stream Worth It on their bandcamp and buy a copy to enjoy over and over.

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