Originally released last May, Moss Folk‘s trance-inducing, drone masterpiece is available to the public once again.

Veiled Visions fits easily onto a 30-min cassette tape but encapsulates a world of sound and atmosphere. Comprised of two programs, split one per side, the 12-14 min compositions are further divided into smaller sections, creating songs within songs.

Side A opens with a droning digital hum that slowly pulsates and builds to a rhythmic drum and bass groove. A hypnotic guitar riff enters a few minutes in, along with the eerie, chant-like vocals of Andrew James Shelp, the man behind Moss Folk’s arrangements and most of the group’s instrumentation. The first program transforms effortlessly into an ambient psych number with percussionist Ryan Bollis trading his hand drums for a full kit.

Flipping the tape to Side B reveals a louder, more driving Moss Folk sound. The guitars are heavier and more effected, the drums hit a bit harder, and the synth lines float over it all with subtle variations peppered in as the piece slowly reveals itself. A barrage of bells break up the 13 minute composition and make way for a powerful organ swell that sounds like something out of an ’80s Vangelis soundtrack.

The collective 25 minute opus is a purely transcendental trip that feels equal parts spontaneous and painstakingly arranged. A good pair of headphones is highly recommended to enjoy the full breadth of these recordings.

Stream Veiled Visions in it’s entirety below.

Moss Folk are deeply rooted in Indian classical music, utilizing some of the traditional tools of Indian drone like the tampura and shruti box. The addition of modern day synths, organs, drums, and guitars help to create a psychedelic playground where a wide variety of experimentation and creativity can unfold.

Veiled Visions is available via Eye Vybe Records on limited edition cassette tape.

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