Bit of a two-in-one for this review, folks. Hank. is a math rock, post hardcore band from Champaign, Illinois. To sum up the sound of this band would be taking the math rock style of a band like Polvo and intertwining it with post hardcore/emo style of bands like At The Drive-In and Sunny Day Real Estate. All making up a group of very angry sounding young men. This review covers the two releases this band has to their name: their debut EP, The Schrader, and second EP release, The Venture.

the schrader

I’ll start with The Schrader EP. The Schrader starts off with the track “200F8”, an angry call to arms track that propels into high gear and showcases skilled playing and many math rock tempo changes. The key track of this EP is “Dry The Whistle”. This track highlights the very tight rhythm section Hank. has in bassist Darwin Keup and drummer Nelson Cowan. It closes with very abrasive, steady-going guitar work sure to ensue some headbanging.

the venture

The Venture, Hank.’s second EP, continues the hard-edged math rock style of the last. The introductory track, “Peas”, is a pretty undeniable song with its hurtling drum beat yet very tight bass line. Two tracks shorter than their first EP, the lack of countable songs ismade up for with the length of nearly all instrumental jam “That’s a Fact” at the end. A very solid track, and probably my favorite track from this up-and-coming band.

If you’re a fan of math rock and emo (especially on the more emo spectrum), this band is definitely worth checking out. From their propulsive instrumentation to their shout-heavy passionate vocals and lyrics, this band is a pretty undeniable force. They may be shouting “THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED!” on “Bodhi Dharma” off The Schrader but for many Hank. could be just the band people are looking for.

The Schrader | 79/100
*1. 200F8
2. Bodhi Dharma
*3. Dry The Whistle
4. Suffer The Children
5. Why Do You Keep Calling Me Bill?
* Track Picks

The Venture | 76/ 100
*1. Peas
2. Cornbread
*3. That’s A Fact
* Track Picks

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