We’ve all been there. Whether because of heavy nostalgia or very specific and stylized sound, some music has the ability to transport you. That’s the case, at least, with Milwaukee outfit, Buffalo Gospel. Plane tickets or road trips not necessary for those dreaming of Nashville. Instead, just turn on Buffalo Gospel’s We Can Be Horses and journey there in the comfort of your own home.

We Can Be Horses is the first full-length album from this country-folk sextet.


This album is filled to the brim with whiskey-soaked tunes. Bluegrass lovers are going to enjoy Buffalo Gospel’s traditional sound. Some tracks simply overflow with a toe-tapping, americana sound; other tracks, for instance “Hoarse as a Crow”, utilize delicate string compositions and focus largely on the vocals. Restrained instrumentation highlights the band’s ability to create a mood through their sound. For each fiery country track, there are melancholy folk tracks to balance We Can Be Horses out.

“The Eastern” picks up the album’s pace after the ballads that lead. Featuring bluesy electric guitar, this song serves as the reminder that Buffalo Gospel are a rock band, and leads into my favorite track, “If I Was the Last Man”. Spencer’s classic country voice compliments Necci’s twang, creating soulful, rich harmonies. “If I Was the Last Man” builds off the last track’s energy and results in some truly boot-stompin’ country rock. With mandolin solos and violin support, I can’t imagine a live show where the audience wouldn’t dance to this song.

Buffalo Gospel’s sound is indeed masterful. The outfit know how to push and pull on their audience’s emotions through thoughtful lyrics and traditional composition. They bring a honeyhoney-esque Nashville spirit to Milwaukee. Honestly, I was quite hesitant to commit to a full listen; my relationship with country music is spotty at best. I found the album entirely admirable and have enjoyed it from start to finish. For that, I thank Buffalo Gospel for proving my initial instincts wrong.

October 17 at the Helene Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts in Milwaukee, WI
November 16 at Club Garibaldi’s in Milwaukee, WI

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