Stagnant Pools has been making waves in the indie world the past few months. They’ve toured in support of acts such as Japandroids, Deerhunter, and David Bazan, and will even be performing Saturday, September 28th as part of the Pygmalion Music Festival. With the festival fast approaching, let’s dive into their most recent album, Temporary Room.

Stagnant Pools are a two-piece outfit from Bloomington, Indiana consisting of brothers Bryan Enas (guitar and vocals) and Douglass Enas (drums). Temporary Room is their first full length LP, as well as first release under Champaign’s very own Polyvinyl Records. These two blend elements of shoegaze and post-punk, creating a stylistic marriage made in heaven. What you’re hearing on this record is just guitar and drums: no bass, no added keyboards, nothing. Any and all effects are provided by guitar, adding a captivating sonic element to this record. The fact that Temporary Room was allegedly recorded all in one day makes me even more impressed with both this record and the band.

Stagnant Pools Open for Marnie Stern and Deerhunter. Photo by Dan Jarvis.

Stagnant Pools opening for Marnie Stern and Deerhunter. Photo by Dan Jarvis.

While the record is a relatively gloomy affair, a feeling brought through on the records first two tracks “Illusions” and “Dead Sailor”. Like the best post-punk, you can’t help but bop your head and move around to the dancy, propulsive beats backed by these songs. A feeling that persists throughout the majority of this album, the best example being  “Consistency”. With its ultra catchy beat and beautiful guitar effects, “Consistency” is bound to stick with you. It is a captivating track on an album filled with equally captivating moments.

Temporary Room only gets more and more engaging as it goes on, especially in the album’s more raucous later half. On tracks like “Maze Of Graves” and “Alternate Ending”, the band’s Sonic Youth influences really show in the song writing. “Maze Of Graves” is a definite stand out with its blaring guitars and pounding drums. The track is one of the most straightforward and fun indie rock tracks on the album.

Fans of noisy shoegaze – look no further than Temporary Room, and especially if you’re looking to delve into something new. It’s a dark, entrancing listen, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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