Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Like Like The The The Death may have taken their name from a song by seminal, lo-fi, indie rock act, Silver Jews, but this is the only thing they have in common. Unlike Silver Jews, LLTTTD is a loud, raucous, four piece post-hardcore band, and their recent release the loud and spastic Cave Jenny will grab your attention and proceed to pile drive it once it’s got it.

Cave Jenny is the band’s follow up to their excellent 2012 release The Ghosts Of Dead Bros. Between the two records Jenny cranks up the ferocity sonically and has a way more frantic energy displayed in the songwriting; A characteristic that becomes evident within the albums first couple tracks. This album can shift from pure rhythmic punk rock like on the opening track “Here Comes The Irregular”; to the technical post-hardcore sound of the album’s second track “Cropsies”.

Towards the middle of the album comes the track “Tyrant Science” which comes out sounding like a hybrid of post-punk and hardcore that is hard not to love. The track will make you bang your head and tap your feet all at once. It’s a true testament to how well these guys manage to meld styles together

The middle half of the album is where the more abrasive tracks shine. Starting off with the aforementioned “Tyrant Science” the trend continues with tracks like “Night Of A Hundred Hondos” and “Huck” which display some very catchy tough as nails rhythms and some very memorable choruses especially on “…Hondos”. These guys know how to keep their style noisy but add the right amount of rhythmic flourishes and catchy ear worm level hooks to keep a level of fun to the noise.

Like Like The The The Death have put out an incredibly fun chaotic record. It’s fantastic to hear a band like this creating such killer post-hardcore, the kind that hearkens back to the scene’s peak in the mid eighties to early nineties, and play the style so well.  If you wanna hear some bombastic riffs, deadly rhythms, screeching vocals and stellar musicianship, Cave Jenny is the girl you’re looking for. If not, then get out of her way.

Recommended if you like: Fugazi, Nation Of Ulysses, Sonic Youth, Pixies

Favorite Tracks: “Here Comes The Irregular”, “Night Of A Hundred Hondos”, “Huck”, “Very Important Fun Person”

February 21 Terrance Bay Inn. Milwaukee, WI

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