While most people might spend their summer months drinking fruity beverages on beaches and inflating pool toys, Iowa’s Dana T found himself in a position no ambitious musician would dare pass up.


From May through September, Dana T recorded an EP, abbr. relation, entirely on his own. During a free studio residency through ps·z, he had access to a shared space auditorium to record music and create art.

All of these opportunities resulted in a truly rockin’ EP.

abbr. relation features a full cast of woodwinds, brass, and rhythm instruments. Short, accented notes characterize the first part of the album, along with some smooth solos to add contrast.

“Goin’ Down”, which ends the album, starts differently from the three tracks that lead into it with slow, meditative guitar and looming bass. Lethargic vocals continue the song’s new energy. A little over a minute in, “Goin’ Down” picks up with a brass section echoing the vocals, but the song really comes to a head with a Mutts-like collision of instruments and voices at the end. This explosive instrumentation, led in by strong bass, is really an impressive end to the album.

Swirling layers of brass, strings, and instruments with the accompaniment of off-kilter harmonies are what separate abbr. relation from many other recent releases. Being only four tracks long, it’s impressive to consider all the ground Dana T covered in such a short amount of time. abbr. relation is a great sampling of Dana T’s brand of psychedelic jazz fusion. This erratic yet absorbing trip will grace willing ears with its artful approach to music-making.

Each CD and sleeve was hand-printed by Dana at Zenzic Press in an edition of 50. If you enjoy Dana T’s tunes, be sure to pick up an album or catch him at a show listed below.

December 08 at Public Space One in Iowa City, IA
January 13 at Eronel in Dubuque, IA
January 14 at Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis, MN
January 16 at Dg’s Tap House in Ames, IA
January 17 at The Mill in Iowa City, IA

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