This Chicago five-piece psych-rock group is fairly new but already playing plenty of shows around town and making some incredible music in the process. Dead Feathers self-titled EP comprises 4 demo recordings from earlier this year.

“With Me” begins with a quiet droning guitar line that soon builds to a full on psychedelic groove as the drums and vocals build.

Singer Marissa Allen’s vocals really shine on “Night Child”. The track has the same slow bluesy swagger as the first but Marissa’s voice really soars on this one.

“Color Exhaustion” is where the band gets a little louder and more experimental. There’s some great fuzzed out guitar that cuts right through the droning rhythm and gives this song more of an immediacy than the first half of the EP.

Closing out the 4-track demo is this Led Zeppelin infused rock epic. “Horse & Sands” is what the band has been building to this entire time. They eased you in with a slower psychedelic sound but build to an all out fast-driving blues-rock style on this last one.

These demo recordings are free to stream and download via bandcamp but the band will certainly take a few dollars if you choose to pay for them. This self-titled EP may not be for everyone but it’s a great look at what this band is capable of. However, those that are into brooding, atmospheric guitars, and soulful female vocals should be in entranced by this EP. I can’t wait to see what they do next. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows and more from these Chicago locals.

Dead Feathers Official | Bandcamp | Facebook