Cryptic. Historically, environmentally, and maybe even a bit politically conscious. Midwest Soul Xchange’s music give a glimpse of the darker truth: that the web of time spins in circles. And what better way for members Ryan Summers and Nate Cherrier to present their music and ideas on their new record, “New American Century” than through an eclectic mix of nostalgic styles and sounds from days gone by.

The vocal styling on many of their tracks will remind you of REM. Musically, the songs reflect the sounds of a plethora of 70s’ greats. Their poppy tune, “Has Anybody Seen Bob” may remind you a bit of The Beatles, while “Truth Attention” with its spacious sound and dreamy synth, may remind listeners of Pink Floyd.

As for the cryptic cycles the duo sing of, check out the lyrics from “Revolt of the Guards”:

Planted the seeds in 1492
Invasive are the roots laid down
Your greed is a poison that seeps into the river
A river used to wash the crown

Your turn is soon to come

We’ve been down these destructive and greedy paths before. We know what is to come. And I’m sure Midwest Soul Xchange will continue to share and spread the message. Some will surely listen with a smile and a nod of understanding.

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