The Chicago two-piece recently turned three-piece, Mr. Ma’am, is back with an added bass player and 4 new songs that are even more fuzzed out and noisy than their last release.

“You’d Better Believe” is exactly what I’ve come to love about Mr. Ma’am. It’s full of no frills garage riffs that cut through you like a knife. Singer/guitarist Andy Ryan’s vocals somehow remain catchy and melodic at any volume.


Mr. Ma’am live at The Drunken Donut | Photo By Dan Jarvis

“Try For Me Baby” is a song I’ve heard the band working into their live set for months now and luckily the recording captures the energy of their performance. Drummer Frankie Mars Gunner takes on lead vocals and manages to sound sultry and super fucking punk rock all at once.

Things get a bit faster on “Hey Scum”. It’s a straight-up driving punk tune that will have you slam dancing the entire two minutes. Closing out the affair is “Top or Bottom” a more mellow rock tune in comparison to the band’s usual stuff. This one was engineered to perfection, the vocal overdubs and layers of background noise work great on this track. The quick chorus-drenched guitar solo is the cherry on top, it’s short but efficient, like a good punk rock solo should be.

Seeing as though this EP is made up of 4-tracks that all clock in under 3 minutes, Kiss & Yell will fly right by you if you don’t stop and give it a real listen. Play it loudly and often, it’s certainly some of the bands best material.

Cassette tapes are available via Eye Vybe Records for only $5 and the digital download can be purchased via bandcamp. This EP will rip your tape deck a new one.

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