For their sophomore release, Lowly, The Tree Ghost return with a more developed and matured sound that proves hard work pays off. A follow-up to 2011’s For the Haunted, Lowly, The Tree Ghost’s newest album, From the Ground combines indie-folk with a little bit of bluegrass, and a little bit of soul; packing the album with bona fide melodies and lyrics that transcend the average ballad.

What started out as a one-man project by singer and guitarist Andrew Arbogast, has developed into a 5-piece band in which each member delivers on their unique talents. From the Ground packs a one-two punch from the beginning with the stand-out “Whale Calls” which features Emily McKitrick’s honeyed vocals as well as the violin talent of Laura Simna, whose fierce string slaying helps bind the album together.

Notable “Jeremy Fisher pt. 2” delivers as a fast-paced hoedown ditty with thumping bass and blazing bows. “Twin Peaks, WA” deviates from the consistency of folk rock with its soul-inspired back beats and 60s pop appeal, but works and is a welcomed transition. McKitrick and Arbogast’s vocals perfectly harmonize on the mighty “Long May You Love”, and can be likened to the sounds of The Head and the Heart.

If you’re looking for an album that comes from the heart, entrenched with rich, amplified songs and feel-good vibes, From the Ground is it.

From the Ground is available now and you can grab it from Lowly’s Bandcamp page.

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