It’s been a very warm, hazy summer, and this record being featured today is a very accurate music-based depiction of this current season. Enter into the laid back chilled out sounds of Founding Fathers by Chandeliers. Chandeliers are a Chicago-based electropop trio. If you are a fan of artists such as Washed Out, Neon Indian, or Purity Ring odds are this band/ this record will be very much up your alley.

Founding Fathers by Chandeliers

Founding Fathers is this bands fourth release, and it’s a release that continues the trend of very laid back yet danceable electro pop this band has made before with prior releases. You get a taste of their atmospheric side with opening track “New Times” a very chilled out song with it’s stop-start beat that drives it and it’s atmospheric keyboards the song has a very laid back and let be vibe to it like much of the record does. The second track on this album “Le Corsage” get’s in touch a bit with some more danceable aspects. It’s a song that’s pretty impossible to not bob your head along to it’s undeniable beat. It also features very pleasant female vocal melodies still giving it a very relaxed atmosphere to it’s sound. The rest of this album retains it’s very chilled out yet danceable sound through out this album.

Their sound is at its most captivating and fun on the album closer, “Singularity”. It’s a track that really demonstrates what this album is at its core. Singularity is equal parts a definite headphone listen while at the same time something that can played at a party. This song is a great album closer and probably the most danceable track on this album with its catchy beat, great keyboard, and vocal hooks.

Founding Fathers is a great listen and one that should be picked up by fans of electropop and ambient music alike. A perfect record to groove to as well as kick back to during this warm summer.

Track List | Listen Here!
*1. New Times
*2. Le Corsage
3. Glass Dolphin
4. Domain Of Wonder
5. Coda
6. Ginger Jack
7. Tropical Pocket
8. Enclaves
*9. Singularity
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