Bonesetters are back with their second record Figure It Out, the follow-up to their 2011 debut Savages. After listening to this record a healthy number of times, it’s safe to say that this Indianapolis four-piece have avoided the dreaded sophomore slump. If anything, these guys are on an upward swing with this latest release, offering up a record full of catchy hooks and inviting melodies.


If the sound of Figure It Out could be described in one word, that word would be “warm”. Everything from the vocal deliveries of frontman Daniel Snodgrass, to the instrumentation and melodies Bonesetters have composed make Figure It Out is a very lush, grandiose-sounding album. What really accentuates these qualities on this record is the fine musicianship displayed by Bonesetters accompanied by the great string arrangements provided throughout by Joe Fawcett of The Smile Majestic. All of these elements add up to what is a very inviting and blissed-out slice of indie pop.

Bonesetters have displayed elements of surf rock in their brand of indie pop in the past; for Figure It Out, the band has retained these indie pop sensibilities but stylistically have gone in a direction more accurately described as jangle or chamber pop. This direction is evident on the record right from the get-go with the album opener “Housefires”. The track is both very lush and full sounding, with reverb soaked guitars and accompanying string sections, and the vocals are delicate and warm. This track really sets the tone properly for the rest of the record.

The sun soaked pop of the record kicks into high gear on the tracks that follow “Housefires”,  “Golden Youth” and “Day Of The Dead” (a track recently featured in a recent Give It A Spin column). Both tracks boast some killer guitar melodies and vocal hooks that are hard to deny.

The entirety of Figure It Out features a really nice cohesive flow, and while stylistically it stays in a similar style of songwriting, the album very rarely gets stale – if anything it gets catchier and more engaging as it progresses. The biggest example of this is mid-album highlight “Sundowners”, a great track featuring some jangly guitar interplay and a chorus that is undeniably catchy.  It’s a great song that paves the way quite well for the two closing tracks, “Saint Led Astray” and “Greed”.

All in all, Figure It Out is a very solid listen. If you’re looking for some harmonious, self examining indie pop with affecting melodies to boot I think you may want to grab a copy very soon.

And that opportunity may come sooner than you think! Bonesetters were kind enough to donate 2 copies of the album,  both on white vinyl. Enter to win a copy of Figure It Out by letting us know your favorite colored vinyl in the comments section below. We will pick two winners (living in the continental US) at random on February 17, 2014, and send it off to enjoy. Good luck, we’re looking forward to reading them!

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Favorite Tracks: Housefires, Golden Youth, Sundowners

February 25th at Zanzabar in Louisville, KY
April 4th at Do317 Lounge in Indianapoilis, IN

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