“We’re all living in a world I dreamed,” croons Lemon Sky lead singer Aaron Madrigal in the chorus of “Dos”, which shares the same name as the latest release from the Cincinnati, Ohio quintet. The world that Lemon Sky has dreamed is one of rich harmonies, heavy guitars and hard-hitting beats that mold together to form their own brand of “citrus rock”.

Pulling in influences from rock greats Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Lemon Sky’s aptly named sophomore release, Dos, offers up phantasmagorical arrangements that take you on a psychedelic jaunt beginning with the soft chill of “Err” to the cumulative chords of the 8 minute finale, “Ash & Bone”.

Other noteworthy songs include “Guillotine”, a brazen ballad that, although with its slow start, effortlessly builds into a battle of resounding guitars and masterful percussion, paying homage to the classic rock of days gone by. The sexy eerie “Bad Bad” boasts Madrigal’s vocals purr the refrain, “you’re so bad, bad bad, for me”.

While it’s been five years since their debut release, Dos is worth the wait as Lemon Sky reaches for new heights in their pursuit of rock n roll. The Lemon Sky spring tour starts today in Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to catch them as they ride through your state.

Dos is available now and you can grab it from Lemon Sky’s Bandcamp page.

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