Architecture is a Chicago-based dream pop, synthpop duo consisting of Melissa Harris and Rebecca Scott. The duo has been touring the Chicagoland area and working on a full length album to be released sometime later this year. In the meantime, Architecture has given us the single, “Diamond Mind,” released through Chicago label Notes+Bolts.

Diamond Mind by Architecture

Diamond Mind by Architecture

“Diamond Mind”, on Side A, is a dreary, slow moving track with catchy and equally atmospheric qualities to it. It inspires much headbobbing with its hand-clap and drum machine combination beat. The song wraps up tightly toward the end with a post-punkesque guitar part and lovely vocal melodies that swell to create a nice, dynamic song.

Side B “BB Beware” is more of an atmospheric track compared to the first. A bit moodier with its piano and minimalistic guitar parts, it is accompanied by pounding, tribal drums and leads up to a crashing, emotive end. It should leave a powerful impression on listeners; at the very least, it left a powerful impression on me.

I highly recommend giving this band and, more specifically, this single a listen, especially if you’re looking for some really good synth-driven dream pop. The money raised from the purchase of this single will be put towards recording their debut LP. Helping speed up the process of getting more music from these ladies makes getting a copy of this even more worth it.

Score: Give It A Spin! (Highly Recommended) | PURCHASE HERE
Side A – Diamond Mind
Side B – BB Beware

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