Gotta love the old interwebs, especially when it leads you to discover a great new up-and-coming band with only a single to their name. The band is called Broken Light, an indie pop (or as they dub it, “basement pop”) four-piece from Lafayette, Indiana. I recommend this band to anyone who is a fan of bands such as Deerhunter, Belle and Sebastian, and Real Estate.


“Dawn of Nothing” is a track that makes quite the joyful noise; a great track that should be part of every road trip or summer soundtrack this season. With its light airy guitar melodies, exciting drum beat, and lighthearted vocal work, it all leads to a catchy-as-hell single that must be listened to.

Second track “Nucleotides” continues this trend. This track features guitar work I find comparable to Deerhunter’s “Fountain Stairs” and great moving drum work that pushes it along. “Nucleotides” is yet another slice of good indie pop. It will be exciting to see what comes next from this band. Hopefully it will be more good, catchy fun like this.

1. Dawn Of Nothing
2. Nucleotides

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