From the opening notes of Tim Korenich’s debut EP, Change of Pace, you know you’re getting yourself into something beautiful. The six song EP comprises songs composed originally for short indie films. Slowly, it builds with chords that perfectly envelope Korenich’s contemplative lyrics, which although delivered simply, contain such depth. For instance, in opening track “We Can Start Again,” Korenich sings “I’ve been watered / I’ve grown / to be a bigger person / but I know / I’m just a tall child / with dirt on my hands.” Ruminate on that idea for a moment.

In addition to thoughtful lyricism, the album explores a wide range of stylistic playing. “Intro” greets the listeners ears with a wide orchestral sound that calls forth the beauty of Ra Ra Riot’s The Orchard, while just two tracks later with “Martin’s Theme” Korenich’s voice has a near-Folds inflection, followed closely by the laid back blues-infused instrumental “Mr. Brown’s Blues.” Somehow, in a mere six songs Tim Korenich explores a breadth of emotion and soundscapes with  unparalleled diversity that leaves us wondering where his imagination can take us. We’re all in.