There is something about classic block chord pop rock that just sucks me in. It is fun and makes every party/show just instantly better. BIGJOY is an excellent example of everything right with a genre that can quickly go wrong. This rock trio delivers a perfect blend of guitar riffs, driving bass, and steady drum beats.  BIGJOY consists of Josh Vaughn on guitar, Tessa Konkol on the drums, and Sean Christopherson on the bass.

BIGJOY have been making their way from venue to venue to deliver their short and catchy three chord rock as well as promote the Bigjoy EP that came out in December. Sometimes the songs are slow and steady and other times they are quick and driving, but with each song on the EP they deliver some raw and unfiltered rock and roll. We took a moment to make our way through the album and it did not disappoint.

To start off the EP the listener fades into “I Take the Right Road” as if the EP has always been playing and you’re just turning up the volume to join it again.  It’s a fun piece that immediately sets the mood of the repeating chords and driving bass. What’s cool to note on this band is that all three members deliver vocals, making for some awesome harmonies.

From here it’s into “Seek Seek Seek Find Find Find” where we get a taste of the slow and clear guitar riff that nicely changes the pace from the first track. It builds but keeps its dreamy and smooth driving chords that makes it a gentle head-nodder.

bigjoy 3The tracks begin to pick up with “Cannot Cry Enough”. This track actually has a really fun sound that chronicles the standard feeling of heartbreak and how all jilted lovers wish they could react; with tears and a promise they’ll never go back. The track is also an excellent example of the bands trio singing abilities.

This quick EP ends with  easily the best track on the album, “Heart Snaps”. Excellent driving guitar backed by bass and a heartbeat drum that makes the song complete. Another tale of lost love, but this time we hear it in a much more passionate audio setting. The song is an easy fist pumping tune to get into.

You can get through the Bigjoy EP in approximately 15 minutes but I promise it will be the best 15 minutes of your day. Excellent chord based riffs and truthful lyrics makes this a band to watch out for (and listen to). They have an upcoming show at The Beat Kitchen this Friday. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 the day of the show. You can save that $2 by pre-ordering them right HERE.

Be sure to like BIGJOY on Facebook to keep up with their shows and future releases. If you want to listen to the Bigjoy EP and grab a copy for yourself you can head on over to their bandcamp page.

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