EPs are people too! Well, actually they’re EPs, but they can be just as rad as a full-length album! With the rise of cassette tapes and digital media, it’s easier than ever to put out 4 or 5 songs without having to drop a ton of money on physical media and studio time. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a little brevity when it comes to music. Give ’em a few really solid numbers that leave your fans wanting more instead of boring them with some epic concept album. What we’re saying is that we love EP’s, and these were some of our favorites of 2014.

Stay tuned as our Best of 2014 series continues until we finally reveal our Favorite Albums of 2014 later this week!

Haunted House Pizza Party  by Absolutely Not

“This tape is not even 10 minutes long but damn is it good. Donnie Moore and the rest of the group bring just as much energy to these recordings as they do in their live show. It’s as punk as it is glam and all around extremely danceable. I’m pretty sure every cassette copy of this EP has already found a tape deck to call home but that doesn’t mean you can’t stream the crap out of this and have your own Haunted House Pizza Party!” -Dan Jarvis

Cold  by Katie Lafond

“Katie Lafond has been very busy in 2014 but still had time to put out her solo EP Cold. While she explored hip hop under the moniker ‘Siren‘ and bid farewell to her band Red the Wolf, she was also keeping to her folk roots. She is an immensely talented artist and versatility is her standard, none more evident than on Cold. From haunting tracks of ‘I Hate Me Too’ to the plucking end of ‘Deadly Sin’, there isn’t a bad track on the EP. She has everything you’re looking for in a performer and an artist. If you haven’t taken a moment to listen, it’s time to stop reading and start listening.” -Patrick David

Midwaste  by Vamos!

“There isn’t a single song on Midwaste that’s not worth listening to at least three times. The EP channels the grit and the energy of a live Vamos show to near perfection, and gets me in the mood to shove people around and scream along with ‘Feelmonger’. It’s heavy, it’s gritty, and I’m gushing but I don’t care. Listen to the entire EP; it’ll take you less than 20 minutes, and you’ll love every second.” -Alyssa Lee

Speed Trap  by MAMA

“Chicago Power-Pop at it’s best. With help from Alex and George Szegedy of The People’s Temple, MAMA have crafted a killer EP. The minute I heard the single ‘Open Secret’ I knew this was some of MAMA’s best material yet. The whole thing slays pretty damn hard, it’s still available on limited edition CD for only $5. Easily some of the best rock n’ roll to hit the Midwest this year.” -Dan Jarvis

Drag EP  by NO/NO

“Rising from the ashes of Milwaukee’s incredible garage rockers, The Delphines, comes NO/NO. With vocalist/synth player Cat Ries joining the group, NO/NO’s sound has a totally new energy to it but still treads on familiar grounds. It’s bouncy garage rock with a dark new wave vibe that is hard to ignore. If The Delphines were Joy Division, NO/NO is New Order.” -Dan Jarvis

Close Cover, Strike Gently  by Bike Cops

“It’s hard not to love a song called ‘Salmon Sundae’ but there’s no shortage of reasons to love this EP. We premiered the fishy dessert single last October and have been playing the entire tape ever since. The songs on Strike Gently range from a psychedelic garage vibe to new wave and even a little punk rock at times. All in all, it’s just a damn catchy EP that’s got something for everybody. Tapes are still available via the wonderful folks at Jurassic Pop Records” -Dan Jarvis

UNBEND  by Dream Attics

“Close your eyes and get lost in this dreamy electronic pop project. In just four tracks, the duo play with ambient soundscapes, ethereal vocals, and composition to affect each track’s unique mood. While still remaining true to their sound, Dream Attics created an EP that is textured and incredibly intriguing.” -Alyssa Lee

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