I’m an obsessive creature by nature – clinging to little bits of memories until they wind and contort themselves into something so much bigger and so much more.

So when the New Diet released their cassette “Basement Minded Thoughts”- it resounded and rattled around in my thoughts – It echoed and I spent hours in my room listening to the tracks over and over. Because it sounded like that time, it sounded like a long ass winter in Chicago, in Humboldt Park in 2014. BUT I DIDN’T HAVE WEBSITE PRIVILEGES THEN – SO SUCK IT. I do now.

The cassette opens with “Heavy Swimmers” – setting a very matter of fact declaration and sloppily dumping itself on to itself over till it becomes transparent and turns to “Stayin’ Alive”. Becoming hectic- then soothing, then panic’d. “Timid Man” is the reservoir that “Staying Alive” empties into. Soothing at first till it builds you some self worth – doling out in the moment advice.

This spills into what could be the single or whatever. “Kzoo”. I have no words for this track other than listen to it. Be transported. and thank them for it.

“Pappa says ‘leave your goddamn regrets in the basement noise tonight” Okay Alright”. Thats my favorite line. now I have no words.

A crescendo- then the last notes are barfed out in sloppy perfection. I could seriously walk you step by step through the whole tape -but lord knows you stopped reading after the all caps.

From ‘chicken soup’ like wound-licking for a sick soul – to bare breasted declarations this whole cassette bleeds and breathes. The way each track fades and sways and lurches from mood to mood is seamless.

Warning – if you drink a lot – then listen to “Plastic Parts” while walking home. you will yell the lyrics. loud. If that gets you punched thats on you dude. thats on you.

Listen to it and buy it on bandcamp and Thank Already Dead Tapes and Records for releasing it.

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