I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression “good things come in small packages”, but in the case of Sun Country, great things come in small packages. Sun Country, a six-piece indie rock band from Cincinnati, released a 4-track EP, Appetite, in September of 2013. I have no clue how it took so long to make it my way, but I sure as hell am glad it did. Seconds into the first  track, I knew I was in for a good listen.


With a crash of cymbals, the album starts. “Mature Woman” leads off the 4-song EP. This catchy rock track has a nostalgic feel to it, maybe because of the bouncy bass line or the repetitive Gin Blossom-esque vocals of the chorus. “Oooh’s” back the main vocal track throughout the song. Eventually it grows into a folky electric guitar solo before it comes to a end.

“Mature Woman” is definitely the stand-out track of the album.  As the album progresses, there are some softer tunes that  aren’t quite as energetic but still remain intriguing. The second track, “Printed in Plastic”, features glossy guitar and soaring vocals. It fades out and transitions into the delicate picking of the title track, “Appetite”. This is the most mellow of the bunch with steady guitar and haunting vocals creating a desolate tone. It doesn’t boast a big climactic part; it’s instead kind of woeful and beautiful, with a definite Modest Mouse vibe. If nothing else, just treat your ears to “Appetite”. For the love of God, listen to this song.

Gently picked guitar leads and subtle violin accents are strewn throughout the track “Kneel Before Todd”. Those accents along with melodic bass lines and soothing vocals all come together to create an absolutely dreamy atmosphere. Even at the climactic parts it is still sounds soft. “Kneel Before Todd” ends with ambient guitar and swirling vocals that somewhat call to mind Psychic Babble (but with a violin).

Sun Country’s Appetite is an intriguing EP that spans a few different interpretations of the indie-pop genre. The outfit have produced a wonderfully touching album with instrumentation that effortlessly influences the listeners mood. Appetite is one of those albums that makes logical transitions between songs, but at the end, you kind of wonder how Sun Country ended up where they did. It’s fascinating, and a highly recommended listen.

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