If we still displayed our CDs like vinyl on shelves or in milk crates so that our friends and house guests could peruse our collection, and supposing I organized my collection by sound, texture, and vibe, then I’d slip Youngest Son’s All Souls’ Day between Sufjan Stevens and Anathallo.

It’s the clear, soft voice landing just where it needs, cutting just above smooth, intricately falling piano lines of an almost classical texture and the light seasoning of cello and drums that defines Chicago’s Youngest Son.

The lyrics tickle our minds. An example are the lines found in “Blank Face” that read:

You leave me all these things
When you’re not around
To remind me
A candle for that sweet Damascus Rose
A paintbrush for that Sistine ceiling sky
And my own blank face
Needing more to look upon
Than some watercolor dawn

As the EP goes on, the musicians’ faith is thrust upon us; encapsulating and praising things like Jesus’ Love. The love they sing of is a universal love, so it seems, and that is fine by me.

The love and passion shared on this project truly shine through, as it features not only Youngest Son band members, but also friends of the group who contribute music performances, and, in Allison Van Liere’s case, breathtaking artwork for each track (artwork can be seen along with a free download of the album on the group’s website).

All Souls’ Day is a passionate art project that employs the eyes, ears, and mind. Give it a listen!

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