These guys are kind of hard to peg-down to just one genre, and that usually means you’re doing something right. Whatever you want to call A.M. Stations, they are loud, energetic, and demand your attention.

Today marks the release of their new 3-song EP, Sign of Times. “Last Right” hits you with a some jangly bass chords that lead into a post-punk almost Gang Of Four-esque groove. Once the vocals hit the track turns into a post-hardcore ’90s jam. Like I said, it’s hard to just put a label on, which is probably why the band labelled themselves “Post-Something”. Just give it a listen.

The EP continues with “Bristol Hum”, a track that sounds like it was recorded in a warehouse of falling guitars. The noise eventually subsides a bit in favor of some more concrete guitar work before this shit gets heavy again.

Possibly my favorite of the three, the cassette closes with “L.A.M.P.”, a nearly 6-minute long instrumental that starts off quiet and melodic but will have you head-banging by the end of it.

A.M. Stations seem to be drawing from a huge pool of influences, whether it’s ’90s noise rock (think Unwound or early Sonic Youth) or ’80s post-punk (the Joy Division-esque rhythm section). They’ve made a sound all their own that is as beautiful as it is abrasive. I for one can’t wait to hear more.

Pick up the limited edition cassette available now via Already Dead Tapes and Records and bandcamp

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