As a photographer, I rarely leave the house without a camera on my shoulder. It’s even rarer that I don’t go to at least two or three live shows a week (sometimes more). As the year comes to a close, myself and Midwest Action are happy to bring you our Best of 2013 in Photos.

I’ve edited some 6,000+ images down to just the cream of the crop. Everything from local Midwestern acts, music festivals, and even a few big names that might surprise you, made the cut.

It’s a diverse collection of photos and I’ve had an amazing time shooting each and every one. I hope you have an equally great time looking at them.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check back for Part Two of our Review in Photography: Best of 2013, coming very soon. Stay tuned, and thanks for looking.


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    • Dan Jarvis

      Thanks much! These were all shot with my Fuji X100, it’s a great little digital rangefinder! I still find time to shoot film now & again but I’m generally too lazy to get back in the darkroom these days. Glad you like the photos though, plenty more on their way in the next few days, check back soon!


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