I first met The Delphines at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall, where they played an amazing set of choppy garage rock that was as catchy as it was noisy, and I was in love. They were brash, young, and from Milwaukee, what’s not to love?

The Delphines

Photo Credit: Dan Jarvis

Their new single “Careless” adds another two new tracks to their growing catalog of singles that just keep getting better and better.

Like so many bands these days that succeed in making music that is actually worth listening to, The Delphines know their roots, and they borrow all the right things from the past. From their Velvet Underground inspired jams down to the Rosemary’s Baby film still of Mia Farrow on their download cards, these up and coming midwesterners are old souls.

Like The Ramones of yesterday, The Delphines have a knack for 2 minute pop songs, that I cannot stop listening to.

“Careless” starts off as a driving garage rock tune but soon devolves into noise and back into an impromptu psychedelic surf rock guitar solo. It’s like Devo meets Mission of Burma but with vocals that remind you of Concrete Blonde. It’s all part of that trademark Delphines sound.

If you’re still not convinced, there’s plenty more evidence below.

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