Touring can get a bit lonesome, but we’d imagine striking out on tour with your friends is nothing short of amazing! Enter Sedna’s not alone, a new musical project from former Sun Country member Michael Kaple, which is currently touring with Pinegrove, a four-piece from Montclair, NJ which consists of Evan Stephens Hall, Nick Levine, Zack Mark Levine and Aidan Feliciano. These experimental alt rock guys collaborated on this playlist because not only are they sharing a tour together, but they’re sharing the stage as Kaple joins Pinegrove and vice versa for shows. Their remaining tour dates can be found here.


1. “Traffic” by Chad VanGaalen
Kaple says: “This is a perfectly written song.”

2. “Hospital no. 32” by Lateduster
Kaple says: “I’m partial to songs that conjure a sleepy mood, and this tune puts me right there every time.”

3. “My Morphine” by Gillian Welch
Evan says: “It’s slow, spacy, mournful, gorgeous. I love the way the guitars tangle, and the melody just slays.”

4. “Shaking Hand” by Women
Evan says: “This song is positively geometric and really swings.”

5. “Heartbeat” by Chris Cohen
Nick says: “Lots to love about this track– super tight production, laid back drums, arpeggiated guitars interlocking with the piano and bass. Something doesn’t really resolve in the chorus, the harmony swirls up and unhinges the melody in such a nice way. Lots of subtle and sneaky irregularity in the structure and arrangement.”

6. “Ancient Questions” by Mount Eerie
Nick says: “I’ve been heavy in a Mount Eerie phase for a few months so it’s hard to pick just one, but this is a favorite. He sneaks this kind of covertly R&B track into an otherwise intense and dark album and somehow totally gets away with it. Seriously, I would love to do an R&B cover of this song.”

7. “Untitled (How does it feel?)” by D’Angelo
Zack says: “This song establishes a simple and huge groove. The drums go for it and never stray. It almost sounds like a loop until you notice the subtle variations.”

8. “Hate it Here” by Wilco
Zack says: “Another simple and super tight groove, but on the sad side. Total sucker for Wurlitzer stabs.”

9. “Snibe” by Sunny Day Real Estate
Adán says: “This song has the dopest bass line ever. Then the vocals drop and it’s the best song ever.”

10. “Obstacle 1” by Interpol
Kaple says: “This song reminds me of being in NYC. All groove. All drive. No games!”


Sedna’s not alone: Facebook | Bandcamp

Pinegrove: Facebook | TwitterBandcamp