Cadaver Dogs are the kings of rock ‘n fuckin’ roll, make no mistake. The Ohio duo–comprising Lex Vegas and Mathew Franklin–put together this insanely hard-hitting playlist to give you a taste of what inspires them. They’ll be playing this Friday at Spitfire Saloon in Cleveland, with The X Members and Go On Gunslinger. If you think you can keep up, you should be at this free show, brought to you by Despicable Drums.


1. “Jukebox Lean” – New Bomb Turks
New Bomb Turks are one of, if not the best, Columbus bands ever–a super-prolific group that turned out album after album of punk rock gold and haven’t slowed down to this day. They may not play quite as much now that they’re going on 25 years in the game, but when they do it’s still wild as hell. First heard this one as a preteen and it was an insane honor when we got to play back to back with them at a festival in our mutual hometown. Hope we get to do it again!

2. “Let’s Get Fucked Up” – The Cramps
Ohio rock & roll has a pretty long and storied history, but Cramps were arguably the best. This isn’t one of their most popular tracks, but the message is clear. Lux Interior, we’re carrying the flag. R.I.P.

3. “Not Ready” – Mutts
Chicago’s Mutts are one of the most eclectic bands touring today and are insanely underrated. Never seen them play anything less than a phenomenal show and the songwriting and musicianship is just out of this world. This song is from their first full length, but all of their output is fantastic and LP number four is out soon. We bet it’s gonna kick ass.

4. “I’m Cold” – King Dude
This guy cranks out some of the best spooky folk/Americana music about Beelzebub you’ll find and runs a totally rad clothing company as well (Actual Pain). Also, we played a show with his wife’s band and hit on her pretty relentlessly without knowing who she was, so we owe ya one. Hail Satan!

5. “I Wanna Be Yours” – Foxy Shazam
Foxy was one of our favorite bands who ended up becoming some of our best friends in the world. They’ve played a huge part in our lives and careers, taking us out on our first extended tours and our paths have continuously found their ways back to each other from the start. They recently announced their indefinite hiatus, but we’ll keep listening forever. This is one of our favorites and one of the sexiest songs you’ll ever let creep into your brain.

6. “Code Blue” – T.S.O.L.
First heard this song as a preteen as well, and when we discovered you can write mind-blowing songs about fucking dead bodies, our career path became a lot more obvious. Discovered a lot of great bands through them, but this was the beginning. Vulgar weirdos unite!

7. “Zenith” – Huntress
Holy shit, this band is rad. Singer Jill Janus is a possessed acidwitch onstage and has the pipes of a fallen angel. Saw them open for Danzig once and life hasn’t been the same since. Go rip a bong and watch the video for this song if you wanna melt your brain. Did we mention this song is all about weed?

8. “Woman” – In The Whale
Just had the pleasure of doing a little over a month with this Denver duo and it was a pleasure to watch them every night. It’s awesome when a band pushes you to play better night after night, and they aways brought their A-game, even in Montana on a Tuesday…

9. “Mistress of Taboo” – The Plasmatics
Ok, we admit they aren’t the best band on the list, but Wendy O. Williams is definitely one of the most audacious rock stars of all time. Whether she was chainsawing TVs in two, blowing up school buses, or dueting with Lemmy, she was always a spectacle and a stone-cold fox. Plus there’s a famous video of her shooting ping-pong balls out of her vagina. Your move, anyone else.

10. “College Gangbang” – Wilson
Another band we have had the pleasure of touring with on multiple occasions, and they deliver the rock like a motherfucker. Saw them steal the show from Slayer once, so there’s that. Heavy, tight, and loud as shit, we don’t know if they’re better at rocking or partying, but they’ve given us the best headaches we’ve ever had.

11. “Don’t Shake Me Lucifer” – Roky Erickson
This dude wrote some killer songs about cryptozoology and is also a fucking lunatic.

12. “Never Been To Spain” – Elvis Presley
We just did a full Elvis tribute show for Halloween and this was one of the most fun tracks we picked to cover. Not one of the first songs you think of when you picture The King, but it was pretty key to his extra-sleazy pill-popping later years. We hope he’s still humming it to himself on some remote island on Jupiter.