Hip hop has the ability to be so many things. For some artists it’s a simple means of expression and art but for others like Sofia Snow it can be so much more. She hails from the East Coast but attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison and from there she’s been all over the globe with her art. However she was not just another student at that school making her way through the hordes of people there, she’s was part of First Wave Scholars. This a program that awards young artists from across the U.S. with full-tuition scholarships. .

Armed with these resources she picked up there, as well as a natural performance ability, she’s been making her way up in the hip hop scene from the Midwest to the East Coast and spreading a message of youth work, arts, and social justice.

Sofia has been moving and working since the ripe age of 16 where she began teaching spoken word workshops for her peers as a tool to spread consciousness. This was a result of being named the 2006 Spoken Word Artist of the Year by the Massachusetts Industry Committee Hip Hop Awards. She is always working to do something more than falling into the monotony of daily life.

However, this right here isn’t the first time that Sofia has been in the press. She’s been called out in Cosmopolitan Magazine for her work as well as in Muzzle Magazine. Her art and dedication has taken her down many adventures and she is currently (along with her working on her music) working as a member in the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives as the Education & Outreach Coordinator for First Wave.

She is also the co founder of Not Enough Mics Collaborative, a nationwide network of womyn (want to know why the  y?) artists working to promote and encourage their craft. They released mix tapes back in 2011.

Through it all, Sofia Snow has been quickly taking over and spreading an awesome message. She stands behind the fact that hip hop doesn’t have to stop at a genre or a musical style. It can be a lot more. Her newest project is the Handcrafted LP to be released in 2014. Till then she’s releasing singles and creating videos like her latest one for “Hazard Lights”.

Don’t be surprised if Sofia Snow continues to pop up on Midwest Action. She’s quickly becoming a artist to watch as she takes over the music world. To check out what she’s up to and see what her latest project entails check out her social media pages.

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