Chicago’s beastii is a new band made up of old pros. Members of the band have played in Swimsuit Addition, Soddy Daisy, and Atomic Love, but together they form the seriously-not-serious trio with a new sound; think battery powered psychedelic licks, a rhythm section of rock and roll purists and soapbox worthy vocals all pumped through your Saturday morning T.V..

The new video (made by MWA favorite NEW TRASH) is a tin-foil space adventure you might have had when you were a little kid… if your childhood self spent a lot of time doing space drugs and having knife fights with methane breathing tentacle monsters.

The video opens up with a little skit to let you know what level of rock and roll candor to expect. Space shenanigans ensue over guitars that sounds like laser beams dripping down onto the floor of the wide-eyed backbeat you’d expect from a musicians raised in the garage roots of Chicago’s modern DIY scene. Slather on some healthy slap-back and a lil’ surf-sauce, and wha-la!  You’ve got a beastii rager.

Check out the rest of the album that was released August 4th here.

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