The video starts with a “bang!” – er, rather a “thud” – not necessarily in a musical way, but in an “America’s Funniest Home Videos” way. Shake off the initial jolt, and what follows of “Road Warrior” is an absolute party, putting you in the place of a show or two you may have missed, and inspiring even the clumsiest of us to get up and dance. The latest single (and now video) is from The Noise FM’s full-length album, Attraction, released last January.

“Road Warrior” is culled from hours of live footage from several of the tours over the past year, including performances at SXSW, CMJ, and Middle of the Map Fest in Kansas City, as well as Chicago shows at Township and The Metro. The outfit’s goal with the video was “to capture the sweat, energy, and rowdy crowds of [their] live show”. Quick cuts combine live performance, candid tour shots, and a super enthusiastic audience into the loud, wild music video the group set out to create.

Using footage shot by their talented friends (Jim Vondruska, Quinn Brabender, and Carolina Mariana), the video was edited and ultimately compiled by the strapping young gentlemen of The Noise FM. Check it out below:

If this video makes you want to experience a real live Noise FM performance as much as we do, make your way out to one (or all) of their upcoming shows.

July 11 at Mickey Finns in Libertyville, IL
August 8 at Anduzzi’s in Appleton, WI
August 22 at The Frequency in Madison, WI

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