After a long wait, Indiana’s Faux Paw is back. Okay okay, so it really wasn’t that long, but you can only listen to a single album on repeat a certain amount of times before you begin to feel a little crazy.

Too Close is the New Too Far was the outfit’s awesome debut. Revisiting it now, it’s as mellow and ‘indie’ as I remember it. In advance of their forthcoming EP, Cocktail, “Boxer Brief” brings with it some of those breezy elements from the debut album, but so much more. Faux Paw takes their energy to another level; they’ve traded light and breezy guitar melodies for a more complex, fuzzy sound.

Following in the tradition of their video for “There is No End”, “Boxer Brief” is fully composed of found footage and vintage-style clips. Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think:

Tour dates to follow. Faux Paw’s EP, Cocktail, will be released July 15th by Jurassic Pop. This is some of the best music to come out of West Lafayette in recent memory, and it’s only one track off the EP. With the release of this fresh new video, I have good feelings about what’s to come.

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