Today’s an exciting day as Midwest Action premieres Brother O’ Brother‘s latest video, “You Would”.

Chris Banta (vocals, guitar) and Warner Swopes (drums) have each been hard at work finding the cleanest, whitest clothes they could – and making a music video, too. The song is a rocker, featuring Banta’s signature bluesy screams and energetic guitar work, backed by Swopes’ steady drum beat. The combination of each of their talents results in “You Would”, a video that’s as explosive sonically as it is visually. Watch it below:

The video leaves no questions (except maybe how long they had to shower) and doesn’t try to be anything more than a kick ass time. And THAT, it accomplishes without question.

You can listen to “You Would” on Brother O’ Brother’s upcoming album, Show Pony, available on July 27th through Fonoflo Records. If you need “You Would” in your ears sooner than that, join Brother O’ Brother at their album release show on July 24th at The Vogue.

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