What a day for Minor Characters fans. Today marks the release of not only one, but two, new videos featuring the Chicago outfit’s Andrew Pelletier.

Accompanied only by piano, Pelletier belts out a live rendition of Voir Dire‘s “Weatherman” below. Filmed by guitarist Shelby Pollard, the stripped down video is a visual translation of the stripped down track. It’s a classic take on a down-tempo indie piece. Check it out and head to their Soundcloud to download a free version. For comparison’s sake, you can hear the album version beneath the video.

And if you’re thirsty for more like we know you are, enjoy Pelletier’s cover of Big Star’s “Holocaust”, below. The haunting piano ballad came out late in Big Star’s catalog and is easily one of Alex Chilton’s most chilling and emotional songs. Pelletier certainty does it justice, bringing a beautifully somber tone to this solo performance. Again, their Soundcloud hosts the track for free download.

Dig it? Chicago fans have a chance to enjoy Minor Characters live this coming Friday as they headline Schubas Tavern, with Queen Buzz and History Now supporting. In the meantime, tell them what you think of the above tracks on Facebook or Twitter – and tell ’em Midwest Action sent ya.

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