Beat Drun Juel (rhymes with “Beat Run Jewel”) are a three-piece you may have seen around Chicago. They have a knack for dark guitar rock with a sultry female lead à la PJ Harvey.

The amount of low-end in this band is incredible. Lots of bass driven songs, baritone guitar, and bone-rattling vocals make for some heavy tunes. However, this one is probably the catchiest thing they’ve released yet.

“That Boy Musta Stole Something of Mine” is a damn fine rock song. Its got all of the necessary components. A catchy guitar riff, driving rhythm section, and plenty of lyrics about heartbreak and betrayal.

Between flannel-clad singer/guitarist Donna “PastyFace” Polydoros and the black & white performance footage, this video feels extremely ’90s. I’m not complaining, it reminds me of a time when a well shot video and a good single was enough to get you on MTV without having to throw a drink in someones face.

I guess MWA will have to do instead. Watch the video below:

Luckily, you’ll soon be able to own this song as well as 2 other new songs from the band thanks to an upcoming Limited Editon 7″ record. It’ll feature hand-printed record sleeves and is limited to just 100 copies. Don’t sleep on this one.

You can Pre-Order this gorgeous 7″ via bandcamp for just $6. It’ll ship out at the end of July, just when you’ll be in need of a hot summer single. 

Beat Drun Juel Bandcamp | Facebook